Joining the CWHWTC

The CWHWTC is happy to welcome new members. However, there is a process that must be undergone, and membership is not automatic.

ALL membership applications must be signed by a sponsor. A sponsor is one who is an Active member in good standing with the CWHWTC. Therefore, please read through the following carefully before downloading the application.

Types of Membership

There are 3 kinds of membership:

Regular: A person who has been a member of the Club for at least a year.

Life: Members who are voted as such by the Club after certain conditions have been met. (25 years of continuous and unbroken membership in the Club, or after meritorious service to the Club and a minimum of 15 years of continuous and unbroken membership.}

Junior:  Free until the age of 18, with a Sponsor

The First Step – Finding a Sponsor

As your application will require a Club member to sponsor you, the first step is to find an Active member in good standing with the CWHWTC who will sponsor you.

This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Talk to the breeder of your Westie, or if you don’t have a Westie yet, talk to the breeders whose waiting lists you are on. Get to know someone, or a group of people who are already members. This can usually be accomplished by attending dog shows. Hint: wait until the people grooming and showing their Westies are finished in the show ring before introducing yourself to them, as before the show, they are very busy concentrating on getting their Westies ready for the show ring.
  • Email the Club Secretary at . The secretary will help you to contact people in your area.
  • Note:  Sponsors must have been members of the Club for a full year before they may sponsor other members.

The Next Step

Once you have found someone who knows you well enough that they are willing to sponsor you, then is the time to get out the application form.  Fill it out, sign one copy of the Code of Ethics, get your sponsor to fill out their part of it, and mail or email the form and the signed Code of Ethics with an e-transfer for your first year’s dues to the membership chair. (Name and address information are on the form).

The Approval Process    The approval process can take a few months to complete.

  1. All applicant names are put forward to executive, and once approved are published in the Westie News on the website, or in News, on the website. This allows any Club member in good standing to voice objection to applicant(s) membership.  If any negative feedback or objections are received, the application will go before the Executive for consideration. Members will be notified of the application via email, and on the Club Member website.
  2. Approved memberships are recorded in the Club’s records on the date on which the application was originally received by the Membership Director.
  3. Approved memberships are published in the following Westie News. When no Westie News is published, the name of all newly approved members will be sent by email to the current membership and notice on the Website. The new member will be added to our online membership list located in the Member’s Only portion of our web site.
  4. Persons joining between October 1st and December 31st in any given year will automatically have their membership carried over until December 31st of the following year.

Please mail or email the following to the Membership Director

  • signed and dated Application
  • signed Code of Ethics
  • signed Sponsor Letter of Recommendation
  • E-transfer (unless you are a Jr. Member)

CWHWTC membership Director:  Heather Bowers, CWHWTC Membership Chair, 267 Wilfred Bay, St. Adolphe, MB R5A 1B5 or email to:

For more information, Heather can be reached at

JUNIOR – No Fee - 18 years of age or younger and have parental / guardian approval.

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP – $25.00 – 18 years of age and older with sponsor’s letter.

RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP - $25.00 – Member was in good standing previous year.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP – No Fee – Completion of 25 continuous years of membership.

Payment Options and Forms


Snail-Mail: Mail your cheque or money order, payable to Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club to: Heather Bowers, CWHWTC Membership Director, 267 Wilfred Bay, St. Adolphe, MB R5A 1B5 or email to:

Electronically via e-Transfer: Send your electronic transfer payment to:


Snail-Mail: Mail your completed form, letters of reference from sponsors, and signed code of ethics to:
Heather Bowers, CWHWTC Membership Director, 267 Wilfred Bay, St. Adolphe, MB R5A 1B5 or email to:

Electronically: Email your signed application form, reference letter from sponsor and signed code of ethics to