The Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club (CWHWTC) was founded in 1952 and is the nationally recognized breed club of the Canadian Kennel Club. Our general purpose is to promote our breed, and to educate the public about our beloved little white friends. The Club consists of members spread across Canada, with a number in the USA and a scattering of others all over the world.

Other things we do:

  • Promote the excellence of the breed by holding an Semi-Annual National Specialty
  • Sponsor boosters and award prizes for conformation, obedience, and versatility
  • Organize Westie Walks, Earthdog Tests, grooming seminars, and breed seminars
  • Provide a list of breeder/members of our Club and the CKC on the club website.

Officers & Directors

Executive Committee

President: Lynda Scott
Vice-President: Tara Pye
Secretary: David Salter
Treasurer: Jo-Ann Finney
Immediate Past President: Vacant

Additional Directors

Membership Director: Heather Bowers

Regional Directors

British Columbia: Kelly Grier
Northern Alberta: Sherry Day
Southern Alberta: Carolyn Munnoch
Saskatchewan: ">Irene Gaspar
Manitoba: Lynda Scott
Ontario: Evelyn Chisholm
Quebec: Vacant
Atlantic Provinces: Vacant