The Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club name into being in 1952, when there seemed sufficient enthusiasm and enough potential members to justify forming a nation-wide club.

In April of 1952 the club was formed "for the express purpose of serving those who love and admire the West Highland White Terrier wherever they may be. It brought most cordial greetings to all breeders, exhibitors, owners and just plain admirers".

The following list is that of the first members and of the first elected Board:

Active Members:
Adams, Mr. & Mrs. T. S., Toronto, ON
Blochin, Mr. Victor, Aurora, ON
Daniell-Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs. J. H., Pickering, ON
Humby, Miss Edith, Victoria, BC
Kaye, Mr. & Mrs. Albert A., Barrie, ON
Kininmouth, Miss Nora A. Brome, PQ
Lefroy, Mrs. H. C. Oakville, ON
Malcolm, Mr. & Mrs. J. Neill Scarborough Jct., ON
Seabrook, Mr. Don London, ON

Associate Members:
Blue, Mrs. S. M. Elkhart, ID, USA
Frame, Mrs. B. G., New Augusta ID, USA

President: Mr. Victor Blochin
Vice-President: Mr. Albert A. Kaye
Secretary-Treasurer: Mr. J. Neill Malcolm
Liaison Officer: Mr. T. S. Adams
Directors: Mrs. H. C. Lefroy, Mrs. J. H. Daniell-Jenkins

At that time, plans were made for the first National Specialty to be held that fall. Specialties have been held annually within a fifty mile radius of Toronto ON, in conjunction with various All Breed Shows. Since 1970 the National Specialty has been in association with All Terrier Specialty of the Terrier Breeders Association of Canada, and the last several years in conjunction with the K – W Kennel Club in Kitchener, Ontario. To commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary as a Club in 1971, all the trophies at the National were china.

It has also become Club policy to sponsor Booster Shows across the country to encourage Westie entries at Terrier Specialties and other prominent Shows in provinces and areas outside National Specialty.

The first Roving Specialty was held in Calgary Alberta in 1982. For the next eight consecutive years the Roving traveled from coast to coast, for example it was held in St. John’s NB in 1984 and Victoria, BC in 1989. There were no Roving’s held in 1991, 1992 and 1993. Calgary Alberta once again hosted the next Roving in 1994, followed by Penticton BC in 1997 and back to Calgary AB in 2000. These Roving’s have allowed club members, who reside in areas away from the National Specialty to host and to take part in all that these shows offer to the canine fancy.

The National and Roving Specialties have separate sets of Perpetual Trophies. The accompanying sweepstakes and show dinner at these Specialties are well attended. So, both served as meeting places for members and friends both from across Canada and from the USA.

A system of “Annual Awards” recognizing the achievements of our Westies on a year-round basis has been established. The categories of conformation, obedience and versatility (titles earned in variety of endeavours such as, earthdog work, tracking, agility, temperament testing and flyball) are acknowledged. These awards are usually presented at the National Specialty dinner to the previous year’s winners. The list of winners is found elsewhere in the catalogue.

The ” Westie News”, after several sporadic periods of existence, – first under the first Secretary-Treasurer, Neill Malcolm, later under, successively, Dorothy McLean, Nona Navin and Pat Cook- now appears on a regular quarterly basis. Mr. Robin Day, editor, was replaced by Dee Daniell-Jenkins in this “not so easy” task. Anja Wilson in 1988 replaced Dee as editor, who in turn was succeeded by Christine Ziellinski, Sheila Ehmann, Yvonne Lord, Charon McCain. Our present editor is Alix Kerr. Each of these editors of the club newsletter added their personal touch to the publication, sometimes changing the format size or by adding new columns. One section that has remained over the years is an obedience column. It is believed that Sue Charlesworth was the first obedience editor, followed by Ann Budge, Joan Mitchell and presently Jane McLaughlin. The “Westie News” included regular features contributed by members plus the Secretary’s page reporting Club business, a ‘mail-box’ section, and articles of interest to Westie people which were written by both members and from outside sources. Member advertising was always encouraged. In recent issues, each of the Directors of the club has contributed news from their corner of Canada.

The club has produced three Yearbooks, the first under the editorship of Mr. Lorne Gignac, the next two under Mr. Gary W. Thubron. The first was released in 1977, the second in 1981 and the third in 1987. Each yearbook has demonstrated the support of our members across this country and the accomplishments of the breed in conformation, and obedience. Included in these yearbooks are sections on the history of the breed, grooming, breed standard, club constitution, and tributes to early kennels in Canada.

The regular conduct of club business is carried out by the Board, whose members represent the geographic areas of its members. Our membership has increased satisfactorily, representing both pet and breeding owners. Breed entries are fairly steady at shows across the country. Westies give a good accounting of themselves at Group level and sometimes at Best In Show, and at Best Puppy In Show wins.

The natural enthusiasm of Westie owners for their dogs, seems to guarantee the healthiness and growth of the club for many years to come.

The Canadian West Highland Club has become incorporated incorporated on April 12, 2006 under the legal name 5283788 Manitoba Ltd. Our Corporation had a business name notation registered on June 12, 2006 because this business is a non profit organization. The names are:
in English: Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club
in French: Le Club Canadien Du Terrier Blanc Du West Highland.

We are recognised by the Canadian Kennel Club as the national breed club.