Westies In Need (WIN)

Westies in Need (WIN) is the largest West Highland White Terrier rescue organization in Canada and a registered Not for Profit (Corporation #1866841).  We are a group operated by dedicated individuals working to provide a safe and loving environment for these wonderful animals who are either abandoned or surrendered in Ontario and Quebec.

We are a volunteer rescue group, providing care for Westies that have been surrendered, taken from puppy mills or at risk of  being abandoned in an Animal Control facilities. The dogs that come into our rescue program come to us from various means. Some are strays; some have been surrendered, abandoned or left at shelters by owners who no longer can care for them due to circumstances such as moving, illness in family, new child, divorce, etc.

We are a group operated by dedicated individuals working to provide a safe and loving environment for these wonderful animals. WiN operates solely by fund-raising. We are entirely staffed by volunteers and we do not get any grants or funding and ALL funds raised benefit Westies in need.

Website: https://westiesinneed.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/147777778609824/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/westiesinneed/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/westiesinneed
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6yfgytWbRMdovgzdgawWuA

Westie Rescue of Canada

Westie Rescue of Canada originated in 1999 as a NATIONAL Westie rescue group. It is now a registered Canadian charity operating in ALL provinces across Canada and is dedicated to the protection and well-being of our beloved Westies. WRC receives no government money and is fully funded by donations and the generosity of our very dedicated volunteers. Because we are a registered charity. We are able to issue tax receipts for donations. We find loving homes for westies who can no longer be cared for by their owners or are abandoned, for whatever reason. If a dog coming into rescue is from a reputable breeder, WRC will contact that breeder, and in most cases the reputable breeder will take their dog back and rehome it or work with the owner to deal with any problems.

Westie Rescue of Canada has a fairly stringent application form. When we are contacted regarding an incoming new rescue, we go through all our applications and pick out the three applications that best suit that particular rescue. A home visit is made to each of those 3 homes and the best suited home is chosen. The rescue is then placed in that home for a minimum 3 month foster period to make sure the fit is right for the dog and also for the family. After the foster period, if all is well, the foster family is able to adopt the dog. During the 3 month foster period Westie Rescue of Canada pays all the vet bills, which usually includes spaying/neutering, microchipping, general wellness checkup, behavior modification and any other veterinary treatments that are necessary. For elderly dogs or those with severe health issues, Westie Rescue of Canada also has a Permanent Foster program. The rescues live permanently with their foster families, just as if there was an adoption but WRC is there to assist with the very large vet bills that are anticipated and also to discuss future and complicated treatments.

Westie Rescue of Canada is committed to our rescues for the duration of their life. We are in close contact with the dogs and the rescue parents.

Westie Rescue of Canada holds Annual Westie Walks in various cities across Canada. We also have photos with Santa and Westie Christmas parties where Santa comes to visit. Since the start of COVID, when our fun activities were restricted, we have held very successful Facebook auctions in the Spring and in the Fall. These auctions help to fund our activities but also have provided lots of fun for the participants.

Our website is westierescueofcanada.com

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Westie Rescue of Canada.

For help Call Lise 480 907 5244 or Cathie 289 259 5793 or go to our website.